Automated Skills Tracking
and Insights

The Right Person,
in the Right Role,
for the Right Reasons

SkillsHawk is an automated skills-tracking software that uses talent-mining technology to help development team leaders understand employees skill details and to match the right employee or contracted resources to the right job / task. It helps organizations make informed, unbiased, and time-effective decisions when assembling teams and assigning resources to teams.

Why you need SkillsHawk?

Cognizant Decision Making

If you are looking for the right
candidate for tasks/projects on
hand, optimize your decisionmaking.

Build Synergistic Teams

Utilizing artificial intelligence,
accurately match skills to create
synergistic and agile teams in Jira.

Seek Guidance/Mentorship

Identify colleagues within the
organization with specific skill
sets to help with tasks and find

How Can SkillsHawk Help Your Company?