About Us

Creatros Technologies Inc. is a Canadian SaaS company based in St John’s, Newfoundland that develops AI-powered intelligent skills traceability tools for tech companies which track the skills of technical employees.

Creatros is working on solutions for problems that can be directly solved by tracking the skills of technical employees. The problem with currently available skills tracking solutions is a lack of automation and accessibility.

By automating the skills tracking process, managers can strategically assign technical tasks, team members can find the best colleagues to ask advice on a query or with a certain knowledge set – based on demonstrated skills. This builds agile, high-performing teams and limits costly skills gaps as well as project delays.

Creatros solves these problems via its revolutionary AI powered software that seamlessly integrates with already existing project management and communications tools – currently with JIRA Cloud, JIRA Server and Slack. This integration allows managers, team members, and customer success teams to quickly adapt and complement their existing systems. 

The Founders


Creatros was founded in 2017 by three enthusiastic personalities. As 3 engineers ranging from Business, Computer Science to Mechanical Engineering, their collective skills include expertise in artificial intelligence, deep learning, natural learning, management, marketing and business development. They have been accepted into several sought-after entrepreneurship programs and accelerate programs including Memorial University’s Entrepreneurship Training Program (ETP), Genesis Evolution program, Propel ICT, and most recently Halifax’s Creative Destructive Lab (CDL), a seed-stage program for massively scalable, science and technology-based companies. Creatros currently holds a clientship with the Enterprise Program at Genesis Centre in St John’s, which is the main reputed Incubator in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The three co-founders met in 2016, when they individually started in the Memorial University’s Entrepreneur Training Program (ETP) for Graduate students. In a serendipitous twist of fate, they were randomly assigned to the same team for the main end of program project of the ETP program. The objective was to find a solution to a real problem faced by a local company. The day they presented their extremely well received solution at the end of the program, the last standing group of 3 joined together to start Creatros Technologies Inc.

The founders’ passion to succeed as a company has continued to grow since then and they have emerged as a close-knit team excited to see their ideas now taken to the next level.

Arifusalam Shaikh

Chief Executive Officer

Arif is an enthusiastic Father and avid Cricket player, who has a passion for sharing his knowledge with a background in business as faculty member, entrepreneurship training & research projects, and community engagement.

Ashley Sullivan

Chief Operating Officer

Ashley is a proud dog Mom and natural advocate, who has a passion for leadership, being involved in women and disability groups, and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit designing innovative solutions to overcome obstacles in her own life.

Monjur Hassan

Chief Technology Officer

Monjur is a proud Father and self-professed life-long computer science enthusiast, who has a passion for entrepreneurship and continuously learning more on developing software applications, AI and machine learning.