The right person, in the right role, for the right reasons.


We help companies work smarter and more equitably by leveraging organizational data and insight to provide an unprecedented automated skills tracking tool.



Transparency and lack of bias are integral to developing good teams
and rewarding and enriching workplaces. Everyone works better when they know they are being recognized and respected. Identifying real skills and competencies – separated from expectations and assumptions – is key to our approach.


We believe that everyone has a right to be heard and given opportunities to display their talents. A diversity of viewpoints and experiences has been key to creating and delivering our product, and to ensuring our clients build teams that can excel at their work with new and innovative thinking.


Without the ambition to take on big challenges and new ideas, we believe the world would be a pretty dull place. That’s why we always keep the big picture in mind, and it guides us in our decisions. We know that dreaming big means working hard, and we’re dedicated to reaching our goals.


SkillsHawk was born from discussion and a shared understanding that technology and business theory could work together to find a better solution to the problem of building teams. Our own cross-disciplinary team shares ideas, opportunities and best practices from their areas of expertise to make a product that is always evolving And communicating with our customers is how we learn how to help them.

Our Pillars

Trust the data

Using real data enhances visibility within the organization which addresses concerns around access, bias, and awareness. We ensure organizations are building the best
teams for the tasks at hand, by removing emotion and opinion and going right to the most important decision point — skills.

Trust the system

Our turn-key solution integrates with an organization’s existing processes, reducing manual tracking and data entry. Our team of tech and business professionals are focused on addressing the real problems of companies struggling to balance project management, skills development, and work distribution.

Trust the relationship

Our customers are the experts in their fields, and we believe they hold the key to identifying the best ways to use SkillsHawk. We’re the experts at creating software that solves their
problems and takes their team  building to the next level. Our collaboration is vital to the success of SkillsHawk, because we aren’t selling a product, we’re starting a journey together.

Our Story

We have a mission.

Throughout the world, at companies large and small, teams are accomplishing world-changing feats of innovation. And these companies know that teams work best when everything is in sync, and the right people are working on the right tasks.

But there are many obstacles to overcome when building great teams. Humans make mistakes. Reliable data is hard to find. Implicit and explicit biases rear their ugly heads.

Our mission is to overcome these obstacles and create software that takes on the hard work of matching skills to tasks, people to positions, and frees everyone to focus on the work they really want to do.

We are going to ensure that the right person for the job is given the opportunity, and that they get that opportunity for the right reasons, removing bias and enhancing fairness and diversity.

And that is how our team is going to change the world.