Creatros Technologies Officially Launches Skill Tracking Software: SkillsHawk

Creatros Technologies Inc., a Newfoundland and Labrador technology startup company currently enrolled in Genesis’ Enterprise program, launched its skills-tracking software, SkillsHawk, today, Nov. 30. 

Finding the right employee in an organization based on their knowledge and skill set is not always easy for decision-makers. Now, with the first release from Creatros, SkillsHawk will automatically determine the best candidate for an organization’s specific needs based on demonstrated skills.

“SkillsHawk offers a great solution to instantly find the right person based on the required skills within an organization,” said Arifusalam Shaikh, chief executive officer, Creatros Technologies Inc. “We feel this information being at decision-makers’ finger tips will greatly enhance their abilities to optimize their operations.”

Full Creatros Press Release: Genesis’ Creatros Technologies Inc. launches skills-tracking software