SkillsHawk Jira

Do you manage a complex team through Jira? Do you have difficulty finding the right person to fill tasks? SkillsHawk can help save you valuable time that could be better used to acquire projects, update stakeholders or even just grab a fresh coffee!

SkillsHawk was designed by tech and business professionals for tech and business teams. Giving you the ability to gain beneficial information about your team to make those decisions and help increase productivity and employee morale.

SkillsHawk Jira seamlessly integrates with the Jira platform to provide you with the tools to improve your skills management and team performance. Using automation, SkillsHawk extracts relevant information about your employees from their project and task history to create skill profiles. It shows their demonstrated skills and how much they’ve used them in past projects. It also shows their upcoming workload to ensure that they are not overtasked when assigning new projects.


  • Avoid Costly Project Delays
    By cutting the time required looking for the right people and hit the ground running.
  • Identify the Right Employees for Task Delegation
    Have confidence in your task decisions.
  • Unbiased Decision-Making
    Employees are ranked by skillset & availability, so you get the right person on the right project every time.
  • Increased Employee Morale & Retention
    Employees feel better utilized and are not passed over for projects. Happy employees, happy company.


  • Real-Time Skill Searches
    Generate search results in seconds from your current data.
  • Quick Jira Integration
    Installs directly into your current Jira platform.
  • Automatic User Profile Generation
    Comprehensive skill profiles for all of your employees.
  • Managing Employee Workload
    Real-time overview of projects and tasks to make sure that tasks are spread fairly.


Do you manage a team using a different platform than Jira? Or maybe you use Jira but are looking for more features/multiple data sources? Pro can be used as a standalone portal for you to better manage your employees’ skills and improve overall performance. 

Use Pro to gain insights into your organization’s skill inventory so that you can highlight your strengths, identify areas of improvement and plan for the future. Your current project management platform can be integrated into SkillsHawk Pro to give you up-to-the-minute updates on your employee’s tasks and upgraded skills. Add more data sources such as a skill spreadsheet or project history to gain that much more knowledge on your team’s capabilities. 

You can even use SkillsHawk Pro as a part of your Slack communications. Looking for a certain skill set while in a team discussion? Use our integration to search for those skills in real-time and share the results with the rest of your team without having to leave Slack. 

With SkillsHawk Pro, you also have the added Human Resources benefit of a Skill Gap Analysis and the ability to plan for succession. This will help protect your organization from losing valuable skills from employees unexpectedly leaving or going through retirement. Plan your training and recruitment around the information found in your Comprehensive Skill Inventory.

Additional Benefits

  • Skill Gap Analysis
    In a large organization, it can be difficult to know the number of people that know a certain skill. With SkillsHawk Pro, you can get rid of the guesswork. 
  • Succession Planning
    By understanding the areas that have low skill numbers, you can protect yourself from attrition and retirement. Never get stuck without a certain skill for a key project ever again. 
  • Assist with Training Development
    Gain insight and identify skill areas where you may be lacking so you can develop training programs and keep your team up to date with the skills required in today’s industry. 



  • Full Slack Integration
    SkillsHawk Pro fully integrates with Slack for convenient skill searches right from the same window where you are communicating with your team.
  • Import Multiple Data Sources
    Have multiple sources of data? A resume depository? An excel spreadsheet of employee skills? Other project management databases? SkillsHawk can integrate all of them to give a comprehensive view of all the skills present in your organization.
  • Comprehensive Skills Inventory
    Get a top-down view of all your employees to see how many different skills are present in the company. Give yourself the information needed to be extra confident in your personnel decisions.


What Can You Expect SkillsHawk Jira SkillsHawk Pro
Integrates With Jira
Generate Skill Profiles
Real-Time Skills Insights
Employee & Project History
Easy to Use Search Bar
Comprehensive Skills Inventory
Full Slack Integration
Input Multiple Data Sources
(CSB, Project History, etc..,)
Can be set-up with Other PM Software