SkillsHawk For Jira

Search Skills Find People!

Let Your Developers Deliver More

Get better visibility in your team skills insights with AI powered  skill tracking available at your fingertips in real-time.

‣ Employee Project and Task History
‣ Use the Apps Your Team is Already Using
‣ Overall and Current Projects

Optimize Developer Skills in Sprints

By automating the skills tracking process, managers can strategically assign technical tasks, and team members can find the best colleagues to ask advice on a query.

‣ Reduce Development Delays and Increase Team Velocity
‣ Expedite New Member Performance
‣ Improve Developer Productivity

Less Meeting Times and Optimized Sprint Planning

AI-powered intelligent skills traceability tools for tech companies which track the skills of technical employees.

‣ Accurately Match Developer Skills to Tasks
‣ Save Developer Time in Sprint Planning Meetings
‣ Easy to Identify Number of Current Skills

Upgrade to SkillsHawk Pro for More Features

While the SkillsHawk Jira version works great, enjoy extra features by upgrading to SkillsHawk Pro such as:

‣ Complete Slack Integration
‣ Full Skills inventory
‣ Ability to integrate many sources of data