Benefits of teamwork
Teamwork is of the utmost importance in the workplace and utilizing the skills of your teammates is crucial in having a successful team and business. writes that quality teamwork provides new ideas, increased efficiency, higher quality work, higher morale, group cohesion, better learning opportunities, a sense of accomplishment, better innovation, more self-monitoring, and stronger working relationships. 

Asking for help
While successful teamwork has many benefits, it also presents  many challenges. A common challenge is the fear of looking incompetent when asking for help, and employees may hesitate to reach out for assistance. Not knowing who to ask for help can make the process seem even more daunting, which is further exaggerated by the current work from home situation making people even more disconnected from their fellow coworkers.  Each team member has their own set of unique skills, experiences and perspectives that should be used to get the most out of the team. It’s very important for people to feel that they are in a safe environment to ask for help from their peers, but it’s also crucial to know who knows what in your organization in order to get advice from the right person. 

Getting to know your team has historically been an awkward round table “tell me about yourself”, or cheesy icebreaker games where we don’t really learn the things we need to know about our teammates. There are many team-oriented software solutions that can help teams work more effectively. Now, more than ever, it’s important to be able to easily find out who knows what so you can specifically contact those with the knowledge you are seeking in your teams.