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Welcome to the SkillsHawk VIP Program!
You are one step closer to managing your employees’ skills that much better! SkillsHawk
is here to help you make more efficient decisions when it comes to resource
management on your projects.
Are you an HR Professional, a Project Manager, or a Technology company with a minimum 100
employees? Do you want to simplify your succession planning and close your skills gap? Do you
want to gain visibility into projects and improve efficiency? Are you looking to identify areas to
upskill and gain understanding of your workers expertise? Would you like an automated skills
tracking solution that allows you to make unbiased decisions in strategically assigning task and
teams to forthcoming task/projects in real time?
If yes, then look no further…. Join the SkillsHawk VIP Program by signing up for the 60 days
‘SkillsHawk’ risk free promo. SkillsHawk is a simple and easy to use solution made uniquely for
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